plastic plates and cups you can start this eco-friendly ala kulli plate making business you can earn very good profits in this business things needed to start this business i recon loop you can get these raw materials in parts of Tamil Nadu in Salem Krishna Guinea qui m’a third Pollachi erode Kerala and Karnataka the rate of one ERA Khalif is rupees to two rupees for if you buy it in bulk quantities you can get it for very low cost.

they were article if flat is ready you can make different types of plates this article leaflets are widely used in temporal functions marriages Hortense birthday parties and many more so the demand for I call you flat is always in need Heda say echo friend replied and does not found to our mother earth it is a social entrepreneurship business you are giving employment to three to five people in this business so you are doing good for society and also for yourself if you produce fifty thousand plates per month if you sell each plate with a profit of rupees one you can make 50,000 rupees per month if you get more orders in bulk then you can earn more than one lakh rupees in this business you can start this business intending to turn room itself even houses can also start this business that is no analogous ticket to start this business initially start with small and go with big.

next you need high collude plate making machine there are different types of machine available in markets such as hand of it machine para la Plata de mission and automatic operating machine the cost of hand operating machine is 20000 to 30000 the cost of automatic operating machine is 50,000 to 2 lakhs so you can make various types of plates in automatic operating machine such as 12 inch plates 10 inch plates head into plates 6 inch plates and 4 inch production capacity of this machine is thousand to two thousand plates per day but initially don’t start your business by buying high cost machine start your business using hand operated machine if business gets down up up get to high grade machines making of Caracalla plate is very simple first you have to put Erica live in water for 30 minutes then wash it after that take out from bottle and make it right for 10 to 15 minutes after drying now it is ready to make Erik on your plate then you have to take this live and put into this hand-operated machine huntress that machine that’s it.