Few businesses will yield you a good return despite the economic conditions they may have their ups and down, but you may always anticipate the profit some small business ideas that may guarantee you profits include….

First – Coffee business you can open a coffee shop like Starbucks or begin with a small van that you can position at various stations for example the railway station or a busy car pack all you need to run a profitable coffee shop is a prime location with a lot of traffic the initials costs will depend on your location running the business is quite manageable and you can expand your menu to include pastry and other snacks for the additional profit.

Second – gardening business as soon as the snow melts everybody who owns a garden is busy looking for a garden or to clear the leaves and prepare the flowers for the spring with a little knowledge about plants and gardening skills you can start a gardening business and grow your skills as you make money as more and more people are living in apartments they seek to start kitchen gardens on their balconies you can expand your service to include consultancy and sale of potted plan.

Third – professional service provision service provision businesses made the most profit in a survey based on the financial statements of over 1,000 businesses at the top of the list was financial services followed by service businesses and health and real estate service based businesses allow you to take advantage of your skills and knowledge the advantage of these businesses is that you require little capital.

Four – food restaurant business the food business never runs dry even in the worst economic times people will still eat when venturing into the food business study the market around you and assess the best entry point understand that this is one of the most competitive businesses anywhere in the world your creativity will keep the customers coming.

Five – delivery business more and more people are doing a majority of their shopping online the growth in the e-commerce market will guarantee you clients all year round you can either venture on your own or position yourself with a major courier company and deliver goods on their behalf you will need a van an excellent customer service skills as the business grows you can get an additional van and hire drivers to insure your van is making money round the clock.