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Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

Biography of Tex Saverio (Fashion Designer)

Tex Saverio was born in Jakarta, on August 24, 1984 is a fashion designer who came from Indonesia.

Tex Saverio is so well known primarily as a bride fashion designer who has a glamorous style and is full of fantasy.

The name Saverio began publicly in September 2005, which won the national Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, so Saverio succeeded or was able to compete at the regional level the following year.

Tex Saverio
Tex Saverio, via

At that time, Saverio display a variety of interesting collections, whether for women or for men. His success was earned through sacrifice by leaving school and preferring to design fashion at Bunka Fashion School, Jakarta, which then held an apprenticeship at Phalie Studio.

Since that time, the work of Rio (nickname) became known internationally. Due to the support and encouragement of his friends, Rio introduces himself and his work to Lady Gaga's agent.

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By successfully achieving a positive reception, soon, one of the masterpieces, La Glacon, worn by Lady Gaga on a photograph of Harper's Bazaar magazine in 2011 ago.

Not only Lady Gaga alone, Kim Kardashian even also known to use clothing design that he had. Wedding photos from one of the characters in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) also wearing the design of Rio's clothes.

Since in 2013, Rio entered the ready-made clothing market segment, which has been exhibited by Rio in Paris Fashion Week, as the only Indonesian designer who managed to perform at the event. Not only in Paris Fashion Week, Rio also showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014.

In fact, by the international media, Rio was dubbed the name "Alexander McQueen of Indonesia". Need to know, if Alex McQueen is a famous bride designer who came from England, which must die due to suicide in 2010.
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