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Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

Biography of Ridwan Kamil (Indonesian Architect)

Mochamad Ridwan Kamil was born in Bandung, on October 4, 1971, was a Bandung Mayor from 2013 to 2018.

Before becoming a public official, Ridwan Kamil has a career as an architect and became a lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology.


Ridwan Kamil
Ridwan Kamil, via

After graduating from S-2 from the University of California, Berkeley, Ridwan Kamil continued his professional work as an architect at various firms in the United States.

Previously, Ridwan Kamil had started his career first in the United States after graduating S-1, but only ranged for 4 months, finally stopped working because of the impact of the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia.

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Not directly back to Indonesia, Ridwan Kamil survived in America before he managed to get a scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. While taking a S-2 at the University, Ridwan Kamil works part-time at the Berkeley City Planning Department.

Right in 2002, Ridwan Kamil returned to Indonesia and 2 years later founded Urbane, a company engaged in the field of consulting services, architecture and design.

Urbane is a company founded by Ridwan Kamil together with friends in 2004. International reputation has been received by doing projects outside Indonesia, such as:
  • Syria Al-Noor Ecopolis (in Syria)
  • Suzhou Financial District (in China)
The Urbane team itself is a creative young professional and has an idealist mind to seek out and create solutions on environmental and urban design issues.

Not only that, Urbane also has a community-based project within a Community Urbane Project, where vision and mission are applied to help people in an urban community provide donations and expertise in improving the surrounding area.
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