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Sabtu, 08 Juli 2017

Biography of Enrique Iglesias (Spanish Singer)

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born in Madrid, Spain, on May 8, 1975, a Spanish singer who currently lives in Miami.

Iglesiasi was a Grammy Award recipient in 1997 and a Latin Grammy Award in 2003. His father, Julio Iglesias, is a famous Spanish singer while his mother Isabel Preysler is a descendant of Mestiso from the Philippines.


Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias, via

Enrique was born in Madrid, Spain. After the kidnapping of his grandfather, Enrique, then aged 8, was invited by his parents to move to Miami, Florida, in 1983.

In Miami, Enrique enjoys a life that is so luxurious, but instead he prefers the simple things. This is revealed in the style of dress, which if if on stage, Enrique prefer to use a simple dress.

First Career

The first entertainment world he entered when he was still in school. In those days, he participated in Hello's, Dolly!

While studying at the University of Miami, the prospective manager invited Enrique to a suitable audition for Enrique. Enrique along with the manager came to various record companies.

Meanwhile, the next few months, Fonovisa's company contracted Enrique for the recording sessions. The first recorded album was in Toronto, Canada, with no one else knowing who he was.

Music Career

The sale of Iglesias album has so far sold over 40 million pieces, while making himself one of the best-selling Spanish musicians in the world. Iglesias herself still has to try to break the record sales that have been made by his father.

Until now, only a single sales number exceeds the number of successful sales recorded by his father. The recording company where he took shelter revealed that Enrique is "the best-selling Spanish artist in the world".

In 2000, Iglesias became an Off-Broadway music co-producer with the title Four Guys Named Jose and Una Mujer Named Maria. The musical tells the story of 4 Latin Americans who share common interests in music and work together to make a show.

Not only that, Iglesias himself also interested in acting, along with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Johnny Depp. He even starred in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico, directed by Robert Rodriguez.
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