The way to memorize something for quite a very long time if you wish to remember things for quite a very long time you want to expand the memorization period here’s the memorization plan. First repetition must be right after learning exactly like in the preceding technique Repeat the material after 20 to thirty minutes and here things are very different the 3rd repetition should. Be just after one day next one after two at 3 week and the final round is after two at 3 months this way you may learn some thing for a very long time Because the brain thinks that if you return to the information it means that it’s necessary so it doesn’t get erased now here are eleven simple Tips which will assist you memorize things faster and easier counting down from…

1. build your own mind palace and This is about sherlock holmes again do you remember how he could travel in his mind palace for hours looking for the necessary Information Could ask me to receive my mind palace the concept would be to associate certain things with a specific spot For instance if you’re in your room attempt to. Connect the thing you’re learning to some thing on your room is repeating a couple times after that To remember what the space looks like on your memory and repeat. the things you learned this way or try this divided all the material you need to memorize into a few parts learn these parts in different parts of your apartment Or even better in different locations on your city this way the memorized info won’t be something boring or dull it’ll be connected with a few other memories smells of places.

2. Serial position effect no this isn’t whenever place your cheerios on the right side to learn something fresh remember this things which are at the beginning. The end are memorized the best use of this, impact to your benefit sort the info so the key parts are at the beginning and at the end.

3. interference theory Switch your attention from one topic to another from one activity to another For example you’re preparing for a public talk you’ve learned the text for 15 minutes it’s time to take a break rest every 15 to 20 minutes because this is the period when attention is at its best and people usually stop being attentive Therefore the best thing you may do is change to something totally different to playing guitar or even viewing a brightside video other than you need to be cautious with is. Learning some comparable info interference theory implies that identical memories get blended and become a wreck that is why if you know you are about to find something which at least remotely. 

4. use a tape recorder actually does anybody use a tape recorder anymore Well record the information somehow you are learning and listen to the recording a few times Yes it might take you some time to get used to the sound of your voice Like i had to do it might seem strange or unpleasant in the beginning this Looks like what you have already heard we recommend taking a long break prior to starting something fresh. Method is useful because it helps all kinds of memory work First you read the info so you watched it with your eyes and after that you noticed it with your. ears The more contact you have with what you are learning the better you memorize it

5. try to understand what you learn you probably know the feeling when you’re learning something but you don’t understand the information Usually such learning turns into a nightmare because it looks like learning a poem that has no arai Another bad thing about learning something you don’t understand is that if you forget some part of it you will not be able to continue Because you have only memorized the order of words not their actual meaning that’s why we don’t recommend doing it this way What you should do is read the entire piece of information and figure out what the main point or points are try to retell what you have read using your own words Do it as simply as you can if you are successful that means you understood the information and now it will be way easier To memorize the details

6. learn opposite things opposites are easily memorized in pairs for example if you’re learning a new language memorized day and night together this way you will build a connection Between both of these things in your head So in the event that you forget one of them the second one is going to help you remember.

7. make up stories If you need to memorize a lot of information in a particular order try to put the pieces into a story It’s important that the pieces Are connected to one another with a few sort of plot so if you Accidentally forget anything you may always remember what was supposed to happen next in the story yes. This may seem like you need more effort, but it is true believe it works wonders.

8. learn the most necessary information if you feel like you have too much on your plate set your priorities correctly decide what you have to know and what you Can do without just fine then concentrate on the key portions of what you need to memorize if you take the time to devote, to the important information

9. Choose only the best materials do not use obsolete books and ways of learning things have changed a lot since the books were composed Do not waste your time on something. That might turn out, to be wrong go on-line and check the most latest info on the subject.

10. use nail words The point of this technique is to nail one learned thing to another for example if you need to memorize the french for nail you should Additionally look up wall socket along with other words you can logically connect to nail.

11. visualize use your body language when learning this will help you trigger your muscle memory